Joy Moore Loop-De-Loops

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Comet is a splendid and itchy fish. He comes from an eccentric family of brilliantly colored scratchers. But Comet holds a dark secret. The secret is he hates scratching. He's tired of being exceptional. All he wants is averageness.


One day while all alone a rock tumbles. Comet is presented with the opportunity to leave his crooked pond, his scratchy family and to enter  an ordinary world. Without another thought he leaps into the mainstream full of anonymity and dangers.

Wiggle-Wiggle, Scratch-Scratch, Itch-Itch-Itch



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At the end of swamp lane stands a tree with a lone banana dangling from a limb. Below three little lizards plan a race. A crowd gathers and announces that the winner will be made king of the jungle. Soon the Sloths, Tigers and Turtles project their own limitations on the capable lizards.


Late one morning and long past breakfast Lindy takes a stroll. The song of a whippoorwill seems to echo’s her loneliness. When Lindy meets a gentleman in a top hat he gives her hope. Hope in the form of a granddaughter. This story depicts the special relationship that can exist for someone not related to you.